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Available on eBay prints of three original signed paintings of mine up for biding.I have new price list, for paintings, much more affordable prices for the times we are in. Call for a quote. For those who know who I am a great investment, because you know am not going quietly if you know my accomplishments then you know how fair the pricing is and if you don't know then the pricing is still a deal. So get to it and check Ebay and my website for details.

Goal line


Review the table below to determine the type and size of portrait.



The process begins with an initial conversation to discuss your needs which include number of subjects in photos, size, portrait type, oil or acrylic, additional prints and framing. Select up to three photos that you want for your portrait. The artist will review your selections and make a recommendation as to which photo will be the best for your portrait. After a 50% non-refundable deposit is received, Sherman will complete the portrait in his studio. All portraits are completed on canvas. Completion time varies, but is usually 2-3 months (8-12 weeks). Balance is due when the completed portrait is accepted and delivered.

For more information contact Sherman Burks: Sherman_jr@hotmail.com